Sep 20 2012



the unspoken syllable that catches in your throat


the kite caught in the high bird branches of a tree


the smile that plays across your lips on a thought kept silent


the reflection of a life in another broken mirror


the leaf that never made its way to freedom


Aug 14 2012

girl with no flowers

i found her in a box at
the back of a cupboard
all dust-covered and
crinkled with age

at twenty three
already thinking
life was so dim
and so perilous

so blank and filled
with dark possibility
cynical and funny
and cosmically correct

i want to hug her

pat her on the back
and say, there, there
i want to fill her

pages with platitudes
and posture and
cross out words
like bleak and barren

make notes in red
down the sides of
yellowed paper saying
ha! and really?

but instead i hold her
carefully to protect
her vulnerability and
the more i read

the more i smile
because in truth
i find myself

to fall in
love with her
a little

she gets me




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Apr 5 2012

found art

the symbolism was so obvious

one wing

one match

and icarus took flight in my mind

soaring closer and closer to the sun we all worship

though it burns and ravages

we can’t help but love

the fact that it rises

in the east and lights our way

through another day

of living

on this earth, this good earth

this landing pad for myth and feather

and though i tried not to

i could not help

but wish

i’d been there

to see him





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