Nov 29 2011


you fold me into
your arms
and i cry
the tears
of existence.

i borrow my
shoes and
dance in a veil
of moonlight.

you peer into
a dark mirror
and find
nothing but
silence and stars.

i take your hand
and i fill it
with the
beat beat beat
of my heart.

you reach
for the sky and
spill tattered bits
of worn blue velvet
to the ground.

we are all just
questions of hope
wrapped gently
in the cloak
of reality.




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Nov 26 2011



and my



Nov 24 2011

gratitude comes
in many forms


lately i’m grateful for

anything that makes me smile,

being surrounded by the

people that i love,

and you.


wishing you a day filled with things to be grateful for.

Nov 22 2011


no man is an island,

though we try

to stand

on our own

fighting demons

with swords of wit and sarcasm,

we are always bumping into

different versions

of ourselves


tripping over the heart

that gets left on

the floor,





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Nov 19 2011

oh, yes…



for the sky.


Nov 17 2011

the shape of things

I stand in the back yard at dawn
and breathe in the color of life.

I am circle, I am square,
I am curve and zig zag.

I hear only sounds of nature,
birds calling,
leaves rustling,
wind whispering.

There are no secrets here,
in this morning.

Everything I see is preparing for winter,
each in its own pragmatic way.

The kiss of frost
kills softly,

I am hollow.
I am empty.
I am taken.

Nov 15 2011

step right up

the moon circus calls

and i curtsy in the corner of contrition

the stars are here to witness

this comedy of error

my pirouette of promise

dance, she calls

and leaves skitter

howl, she cries

and trees bend

i stay up on my toes









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Nov 12 2011

when in doubt


follow your



Nov 10 2011

here’s what i want

A lazy day in bed while the sun tickles over my toes.

Five good books and time enough to read them.

A week of perfect temperature sunny days
with nothing to do but garden.

Peace. For me and the world.

A world where doing the right thing is more important
than doing the easy thing.

Enough food for everyone that is hungry.

A house that magically cleans itself every time it gets dirty.

For the moon to hang in that same spot
above Jupiter for just a while longer.

A body that stays in healthy shape.

A world where we all look out for the children.

A life in which hope is not an outdated word.

A world that is kind to animals.

A night outside to sleep beneath a deep blue blanket of stars.

All the people I love, together in one room.

Great wine paired with great conversation.
And dark chocolate.

More kindness. More tolerance. More compassion.

Less illness, both physical and mental.

Responsibility. From everyone, for their actions.

For all the magic and wonder and possibility
that is life to be appreciated.

To be able to appreciate.


It’s too much to ask, I know.

All of it.

But I want it just the same.


Nov 8 2011

on shedding my skin

loss is a word

that lives like a snake

all coiled up and hissing


through tunnels

of comprehension

and coming out

the other side





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