Feb 5 2013

conversation on the corner
of dogma and 4th


see, i told you:
you can only get lost
when you’re following
someone else’s map

why don’t you ever listen


i heard she took everything,
even the cat

the rest gets drowned out
by a splashing bus and
the slap in the face
of exhausted exhaust


when the light turns red
and the crowd surges forward
my tall boots refuse to carry on
and i stand there


by two tiny pieces of
strange stranger’s conversation

smiling because
i know exactly
what she meant

and a mewling kitten
is winding

around my warm and silent





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Feb 2 2013

both sides now



your angle

of approach




Feb 1 2013

2013 magic #3 {hearts}


Apparently, Jack Frost does have a heart.

Several, actually.

He left me an early Valentine’s gift and well, I melted.

I love you, too, Jack.

Your magic is one of Nature’s best tricks.






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