spreading some sunshine

Last Friday, at the end of a long crazy week that was filled with its share of doubts, I received a lovely surprise. Jennifer Morrison, from realia, bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award: I was touched and honored and it came at such a perfect time, after one of those days when insecurities about my writing had reared their ugly head.

So first of all, I must say thank you, Jennifer, from the bottom of my heart. This really means a lot to me. I love the tag line over at realia: Pay attention – there’s a story wherever you go. So true.

And second of all, I want to say thank you to you, yes YOU, the one being kind enough to read this. Your comments and encouragement and kindness continue to amaze me, every day. It means so much to me, truly.

And thirdly, I thought that I should pay it forward a bit, and pass it on to a few of the people who add sunshine to my day. There are many more than I can list here, but these women were among the first people to comment here, to make me feel welcome, to make me feel that perhaps I do have something to say.

Debi, over at emma tree. She paints pictures with words, always. Her writing is poetry, pure and simple. She is the artist and writer that I imagined I might become way back when I was 13.

Beth, over at be yourself, everyone else is taken. The name of Beth’s blog captures her spirit exactly. I always leave there with a little smile on my face, she views life through rose-colored glasses.

Graciel, at evenstar art. She has encouraged me from the very beginning, she has a heart of gold, and I love her view of the world. I find peace and inspiration with her, always.

Julochka, from moments of perfect clarity. Early on, she featured me as a blog crush, and I was so surprised and honored, and I also love her way of looking at the world, profound and honest.

Thanks, to all of you. I am not setting any rules here, you may pass this along or not, I just wanted you to know how much you have meant to me on this journey.

There are so many others who have touched my heart, each in a different way. I appreciate you all, more than you can know.

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And I just discovered the pet parade over at red or gray today, so I thought that perhaps I should join in the fun, being a certified crazy cat lady and all. So here is “My Handsome Man,” my sweet Pepe, a truly gentle soul that came to us injured and starving and looking like a completely different cat three years ago…

I’m so glad he found us. He, also, has brought sunshine into my life.

16 Responses to “spreading some sunshine”

  • Elk Says:

    i enjoy the same blogs as well…such a nice group to visit! Your Pepe is truly handsome and very captivating…so glad you joined it!!

  • Sarah Says:

    What a beautiful boy. I only have one cat and dog and an old bunny…am thinking I so really want another something LOL!! So many years I couldn’t have any at all. Sarah

  • Traci Says:

    Beautiful eyes and image!

  • Megan Says:

    Congrats on a well-deserved award! I look forward to all your posts and pictures 🙂

  • Gayle Says:

    Pepe is such a handsome boy!

  • julochka Says:

    thank you. i’m honored to be in such good company here…but i’ll bet you anything that all of us have doubts ourselves, so don’t worry about it. blog as if no one is reading. blog for yourself. the rest of it will come.


  • Elizabeth Says:

    Just read your interview at Julie’s blog and had to visit your place since we both like the same kind of chocolate. Hours of reading are laying ahead, time to grab some chocolate and have fun.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  • Debi Says:

    ditto everything julochka said. exactly. plus this. the first time i read you i thought YOU were the writer i wanted to be. xoxo and thank you much.

  • Nana Says:

    Oh Kelly, I am so happy for you, you spread sunshine all around, And yes, that ole “Pepe” is still one handsome dude.

  • beth Says:

    awww sweetie….
    thank you for this award, AND you make me smile, too…. and think and wonder and question and take notes…..

    and what julie said is so true….

    and you know what ?….i have a piece of chocolate everyday, too…..lately it’s been werther’s caramel filled chocolates…swoon 🙂

  • Kimberla Says:

    You bring sunshine to my life everyday and I wouldn’t be who I am without you! This awards fits you to a T 🙂

  • Sarah Says:

    Ya know it is funny as I found you yesterday doing the Shutter Sisters Pet Parade and saw your sweet kit. Today I was reading your interview..which left me blowing coffee our my nose it was so funny..so I followed the link to come see you …and low and behold..there was your sweet kit…funny how things go!! Wonderful to meet you again. Am now following you:) Happy Saturday, Sarah

  • Graciel @ Evenstar Art Says:

    the encouragement is always real and true, because, YOU are the writer i hope to be someday.

    the award is perfectly fitting for you, as i am vitamin-d nourished every time i visit.

    thank you for the honor.

    xoxo, graciel

  • miz katie Says:

    aw! Pepe is a beautiful boy.

    I’m going to check out your blog links. I already read Debi’s blog, and feel the same way you do about her. She is an inspiration. I wish I could write posts like that every time, but if I did, my posts would be few and far between, I think. She has a magical way with words.

  • Toni Says:

    Gorgeous photo – I love a good sun flare! Your writing is always fab – you really do deserve the award. I always love reading your words.

  • Kate Says:

    Oh my stars, he’s gorgeous!! Congrats on the award, too.

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