Sep 8 2011

to all things a season

Summer wound itself down faster than I expected, tomatoes still on the vine, house trim still needing to be painted, books on the shelf still waiting to be read.

Autumn didn’t spend much time trying to disguise its arrival, but rather stood up and shouted, “I am here!” For the most part, this is fine with me, autumn being my favorite season and all, but a bit more transition might be nice.

Time marches forward, step by step, and I smile and wave from my seat in the bleachers. Sometimes, when the parade goes on too long, I bury my head in a book, wrap the blanket around my knees a bit tighter, and settle in to wait for the next band, the next song, the next season.

I’m not quite ready for this one to end. Not quite ready for socks and sweaters, cider and apple crisp, pumpkins and the scent of fallen leaves. I will be ready very soon, I will snuggle into my favorite season as it wraps its cozy arms around my life.

But for now, I’m going to finish these last few pages of summer, because it is still summer, even if the temperature says otherwise. I will still be barefoot, even if my toes are a bit too chilly. I will drive to the store without thinking to bring a jacket. I will watch butterflies and hummingbirds flit through my garden. I will sleep with the windows open and the sound of crickets in my dreams.

Soon enough it will be time for Friday nights by the fire, blue jeans, flannel pajamas.

Soon enough.

But I think there is at least one more chapter filled with fresh vegetables, pretty skirts, and bird song at dusk.

And I’m going to savor every last word.


Sep 6 2011


has hovered
for days now
shrouding my vision
with arbitrary

gravity pulls
on the ribbon
of existence,
unties the bow
that makes it

i can open
that holds

but instead
i leave that box
on a shelf
in the corner

to prove
i have not
been there.




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Sep 3 2011

accidental photo no. 2



snapshot of my life

as taken by

my camera.


Sep 1 2011

window of opportunity


have you

opened yours



(Thanks to Mr. M. for pointing this one out to me.)