Nov 3 2010


shadows dance around corners
to sing their own version of blues

morning frost leaves patterns on windows
unique as the day that will melt them

hope jumps through hoops in the garden
as a chickadee searches for seed

and i sit in this chair in my kitchen
watching life through a smile
and a curtain

::     ::     ::

::     ::

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Oct 11 2010


breathing flowers in, after dawn.

simple words that get stuck in my throat, for days.

moments in mid-afternoon that bring tears to my eyes.

sunsets waiting on the horizon, always with a promise.

a mirror that refuses to show what lies beneath the surface.

seasons that rattle through my chest, calling me to remember.

blisters that heal and become callouses, rough evidence of pain.

a heart that breaks in its own small way each time you turn a page.

the constant digging for my soul that wears my fingers to the quick.

a silver necklace that says hope, left broken on the dresser.

making molds of the moon to keep in a glass jar.

standing in the dark, listening for sunrise.

a song that whispers even as i sleep.

threading words on needles and pricking my finger.

that one drop of blood, there, on the corner

of the page.

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Sep 1 2010

the last hurrah

summer again

yesterday’s cool breezes just a tease

waves of heat that whisper and shimmer

humidity dancing in a twenties flapper dress

and these dried out flowers that periscope up

to keep one eye on winter

setting seed for birds that will shiver

in the light of tomorrow’s dawn.

Jul 22 2010

the shape of love

you didn’t have to sing me that song,
there were others who could carry that tune.

you didn’t have to open doors and whisper secrets,
i could have done that on my own.

you didn’t have to turn sideways in the mirror,
i could see your reflection, laughing.

you didn’t have to leak bright bits of sunshine,
they were there, in my forest, before you.

but still, i opened you just like a book
and read each word of your story.

you didn’t have to have such
a sad ending.

i would have loved you,
just the same.

Jul 10 2010

synapse no. 3

the mirror never lies.

but everything in it is backwards.


May 31 2010

summer shift

The days are long,

the nights stretch,

and I whisper

as I walk into the sunset.

My heart has wings,

my soul has dreams,

the forest is my home.


May 22 2010

this is not for you

though it would be
if i could offer
you, accept

but instead

it sits here, in my lap
licking wounds
no one asked for

and you,
you turn away
muttering, a whisper

crazy half grin

i never hear
what you say
never ask twice

if i do

there is no answer
just silence that hangs
the air between us


the way change
rips through your face
just a thought