Apr 28 2021


sunrise manifests
in shades of grey
a tinge of pink
filtered through a jar
left too long
on a too full counter
just because
you love
the shape
of shadow

Apr 27 2021


no place to go
except into
new growth

Apr 26 2021

when, and again

blue sky, day dry
another loop of miles, smiles,
burning, yearning

false flock
getting ready
to fly

Apr 25 2021

true at first light

the color of love
and the scent of sunshine

sweet and sharp
short and poignant



Apr 24 2021

morning’s manifesto

i threw away all the curtains
because i want to see everything

i’ve grown old on a mantle of marble
i’ve breathed love into statues of stone

i wrapped grey over hard faded rainbow
because gold is the color of own

Apr 23 2021

the map of everything

us vs. them
man vs. nature
you vs. me

there’s a circle and a triangle
buried deep in the heart
of every clock

and we run from time
long before
the chase begins

i am here
and you are forest

or i am there
and you are tree

one of us always

Apr 22 2021


the day starts


tea and sunshine

rye and wheat

mess and murmur

that’s it

that’s all there is

Apr 21 2021


time winds down

and i think of hours




chopping slicing dusting folding sweeping typing
designing walking rinsing eating reading roaming
washing preparing gathering weeding building
sorting sifting scrubbing changing twisting

staring at sky




Apr 20 2021


i built a new corner
and walked straight into it

left the paint on the floor


held my arms high and my head straight

buried the forgotten

forgave the remembered

worshiped nothing

but silence
and the tenacity

of trees

throwing spring green buds
into air

like so much


Apr 19 2021

miles to go

hawk eye sky circus
circling pattern and crisscross river
wing map walk back