Apr 21 2021


time winds down

and i think of hours




chopping slicing dusting folding sweeping typing
designing walking rinsing eating reading roaming
washing preparing gathering weeding building
sorting sifting scrubbing changing twisting

staring at sky




Apr 20 2021


i built a new corner
and walked straight into it

left the paint on the floor


held my arms high and my head straight

buried the forgotten

forgave the remembered

worshiped nothing

but silence
and the tenacity

of trees

throwing spring green buds
into air

like so much


Apr 19 2021

miles to go

hawk eye sky circus
circling pattern and crisscross river
wing map walk back



Apr 18 2021

the year of living dangerously

and now they say it’s not that bad, the sky isn’t
falling and here we are, bits of blue in our hair,
trapped in the rat-maze tracks we’ve worn in the
carpet, no longer even trying to get out.

and now they say sorry, so sorry, sorry, not sorry
and no one knows who cares, doesn’t care,
can’t care, wouldn’t care, cares too much,
has gone mad with the caring, can’t find
a damn thing to care about.

and now the sky is blue but it’s always raining and
the basement’s flooding, water seeping in around
the edges, no one sees if we close the door, ignore
the smell, carry on with dinner and distraction and
pretend people aren’t dying in a dark spreading puddle
of sour statistic.

and now. the question that only ever has one
answer, the damned unprepared living of it all,
smiling when the sun hits your face for one brief
silent moment, aching for life, alive love
laughter landing, burning through the
empty stare of days.

and now.

Apr 16 2021

the non-peculiar life of mabel grey

the taste of tea and whispers of envy

smells of green and cinnamon
rolling through a harbor of unbalance

too late too much too early too little

promises skitter in every dark corner

wallflower flower built for keeping
pressed between pages

hidden bouquet


Apr 15 2021




from the humblest


Apr 14 2021

grandbaby flowers

and smiles at dawn

good morning, sunshine

all along

Apr 13 2021


there is no bitterness here

nor regret

just the walking off
weary worry
weight of the world

no solutions to carry

no voice fuel to parry

no answers hidden
in the littered grey gravel

just anger fury fear glinting off the back

of the (slick fake true) reel news

this sky that sky this sky
always leading always following


not enough


not enough

too much too much too much

to reach so high

Apr 12 2021

picture perfect

squirrel fight

dove coo

blue jay belligerent


skin soaking up sun

anti mirror

wide smile






and she walked
the center line
straight past
the pond
of forgiveness



Apr 11 2021

the view from the corner of pensive and compare

as if it were possible

to live anything


the life lived

the moment living

the day dreamed

the evening