Apr 19 2012


i will take a picture of silence
she said
and giggled into
her tall glass of wine that
should have been lemonade or
at least some pretty russian vodka
and you threw me that look across
acres of time we have both already
crossed in bare feet and blisters
and the only thing left to do
was smile




A poem a day for 30 days.
In honor of National Poetry Month
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Aug 11 2011


{august break no. 11}



“Don’t rock the boat,” they like to say,

any time the wind howls just a little too loudly.

“Don’t make waves.”

But as you can see, I have both feet planted

firmly on the ground, and let me assure you,

I’m still standing.


Sep 23 2010

ophelia, revisited

a moonlit night

forsaken on a bed
of wilt and roses

we loved you all
dancing in the pale
silver spotlight

singing in the breeze
of your reflection

seeking love’s own touch
beneath the darkness

::     ::     ::

A poem I wrote 25 years ago,
25 years of life and love and living
and the words still ring true,
still fit, perfectly.

So I wear them this day, this day to

Just sit there and look pretty

having never felt pretty, never thought of myself like that
never just sat there either, always got up
always was the butterfly, no, the bee
head down, gathering bits of honey

working hard to add some sweet
to a slightly bitter world.


::     ::     ::


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