30 days of poems – 2020 {30}


quickly now

tell me what you love
who you miss

how you

if the rain makes you weep
if the stars make you shiver
if the ocean brings you to your knees

quickly now

show me the heart
that’s fallen from your sleeve

read me your mind
from the book of deep night

tell me the story that races
through the tunnels
of your soul

quickly now


. . . . .


here i am again, doing this again–30 days of poems, hoping the words will come.
hoping hope will come, as well.

One Response to “30 days of poems – 2020 {30}”

  • Patty Says:

    I love this: “show me the heart that’s fallen from your sleeve.”

    It made me cry because I do wear my heart on my sleeve and often get hurt because of it. What a lingering image!

    Thank you.

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