the tunnel is the frame
{snippets and stories #6}

Without the darkness, we would never appreciate the light. At least that’s what you said when you took my hand and pulled me in.

We still had to walk through all those cobwebs though, me holding my breath the whole way and you pretending not to be scared. I heard water dripping and my imagination slithered a little beneath my feet, but I kept heading for the green I could see in the pinprick of light I named Beacon.

Funny how we didn’t make it, you and I, somewhere along the way our paths split apart and there I was, alone in the tunnel of love, up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I had a feeling that you’d planned it that way, planned to leave me in the blackest of shadows so you couldn’t see my eyes when you walked away. I only called your name out once, and when you didn’t answer, I stopped moving, just for a moment. I heard a splash and then silence, and I waited as it settled down around me. I knew it was time to make my own noise, and I guess I forgot to tell you that I’ve never been afraid of the dark.

I walked for an hour and then started singing—a song my father used to sing when I was young, something about a bicycle built for two—and far away, I heard you laughing. Or maybe I heard my own echo, I’m not quite sure.

I made a choice that day, a choice you forced, but I’m the one that made it. I came out of that tunnel with my head held high, refusing to cower.

I always was good at lessons.

Every so often, I think I hear it again, that faint, faded giggle, skittering across the floor. I never think it’s you though, not anymore. I think it’s the string of strength I pulled myself out with, playing cat games with these memories. I think it’s my heart, volunteering to walk through the darkness to find maybe one or two more.






4 Responses to “the tunnel is the frame
{snippets and stories #6}

  • Gerry Miller Says:

    I am amazed at the power of this. I need an education!! I would call this a prose poem but not sure I’m correct. I’m going to find this on FB and post it. Just outstanding AND Granny Gerry is hoping you will notify me when you have a book available.

  • X Says:

    I like the strength that you have, even in the break up. SO many would just crumble. Really emotive and solid write

  • leslie Says:

    This is a beautiful reverie. Here’s to not being afraid of the dark.

  • Gerry Says:

    I am absolutely captured by this!! Powerful images and superb writing! I’m sharing!!

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