floating in the sound
of cynosure

I placed this Solomon’s Seal in an entirely different spot in my garden, years ago. For most of those years, it struggled, sending up two or three shoots and then quickly fading as spring turned to summer.

Now, here it is, moving itself around the landscape, seeking the perfect light-shade-soil combination on its own. An independent learner, self-motivated, a survivor. One that apparently loves long, hard, extremely cold winters.

As my garden ages, it makes its own plans, completely ignoring the best-laid of mine and filling in the blanks as it so chooses. I’ve become less keeper than companion, and most of the time, I resist the urge to fight for control. I let the wanderers wander. It’s better that way, for both of us.

It took me fifty-two years to begin to understand. And I still slip, there are still times when I make every attempt to wrestle my way to the top. Sometimes, I even manage to win. But mostly, I just get tired of the struggle. And giving in has its own rewards, too.

Another lesson learned in the classroom of garden.

I sit here with my tea. I pay attention.

I watch and I listen and I sit.

And the world washes over me.






4 Responses to “floating in the sound
of cynosure”

  • Kathleen Says:

    Kelly, I really needed this lesson today. Thank you for sharing this. K

  • sarah Says:

    Great post, wise words. And I like anyone who uses the word cynosure 🙂

  • Trisha Says:

    THIS is wonderful Kelly ! I feel the same of my garden. It is wild, with few well placed pots of annuals to give it color, but mostly it is the will of the garden itself, and I never know what day or week it will change to something else. It is my calming place. Not even weeds fluster me. I pull them as I stroll the winding brick path..or leave them be for another day. It has control. not me.

  • Anna Chamberlain Says:

    You are the wisest person I know. It’s always such a pleasure to take a deep breath and absorb the beauty of your words and images! Your artistry is priceless.

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