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of friends


high places


2 Responses to “talisman”

  • Lacy J Says:

    I really like your talisman. I too take so much comfort in certain objects, particularly my wind chimes.

    The poem could be read in different ways. Either your poem itself represents you singing about your friends, or singing is your friend.

    I could really expound on this, but most people don’t like the way I read. In your title, I see “tall is man,” so maybe you’re talking about mankind, or maybe this is a particular tall man. A lover or your father. Perhaps “high places” refers to heaven, so this is about the special people who have gone on to the afterlife. You still feel connected to them and take comfort in their presence in your heart. Maybe it’s about birds. Maybe it’s about getting high (I kind of doubt it, but every word is capable of meaning multiple things).

    That hanging “in” really makes me think. It’s such a tiny word to have it’s own line. So maybe you’re drawing out the fact that your friends in high places are “in” you. Inside your heart. “version” can also become “verse I own,” which is what your poetry is. “of friends” is close to “off friends,” so maybe you gravitate toward people who are offbeat. “friend” + “in” blends into “friend sin,” so maybe there’s something there as well. Getting into a little harmless trouble with your gal pals, perhaps. 🙂

    Sorry for going on, but short poems have so much possibility.

  • Bjorn Says:

    We all need a special connection sometimes..

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