the things that outlast us

i have ornaments older than i am
glass as thin as petal
reflecting the history of countless
christmas mornings
and endless summers
hid away
in the dark

more fragile than any egg
yet here they are

still whole


the simple mystery of time
is so damn complicated


but the whispers of love
they are wrapped in
allow them
to survive




5 Responses to “the things that outlast us”

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    time really is so complicated . . . but its amazing what whispers of love can achieve.

  • d smith kaich jones Says:

    i almost couldn’t read this – the title rang too true. but i did, and i’m glad, though it feels unfair, and though i like my things uncomplicated. the simple mystery of time.

    poetry from the heart.

  • brian miller Says:

    love def is a key element of survival….

  • John Allen Richter Says:

    Oh what memories this brings back….. My parents, mostly mom, kept the daintiest glass “icicle” ornaments – or so she called them…. They were actually deep red and blue ornaments that resemble a skinny toy top – I think. Dropping one would cause it to shatter. They were quite special to both of my parents, I think because they were the first ornaments they purchased together. Funny they would give us dozens of others to hang – but would hover over the glass ones making sure we didn’t get too close. In a way it seems most endearing, at least now, in retrospect. They had so little between them that was held mutually special – except for us children. It took your poem to make me remember that…… I was beginning to think my Christmas was going the way of Scrooge. But your poem just lifted me up….

  • Bjorn Says:

    I find this amazingly true.. and from past christmases I remember the odd ornament that were broken.. Those instances cut deep into my heart.

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