the sentinel of silence

A foot of snow this week as a tease for what lies ahead. Shoveling and roof-raking and admiring the magic that always comes with gently falling flakes and morning sunshine sparkle.

A white blanket of silence to cover all the ugliness, the grey, the mud of life, making it beautiful once again, at least on the surface.

Sometimes, skin deep is just enough to console you, just enough to make you smile little smiles, just enough to show you that hope is always waiting in the wings.

And life is always there , somewhere, even if you can’t see the green of grass and the pink of rose, it’s there.

Loss and regret swirl around my head as I move through the grief of an old friend’s death, a sweet soul the same age as me, far too young to be taken.

Everything looks different now.

There is so much silence.

This rabbit sits by my door, watching it all, offering no words of wisdom. But it’s okay, I don’t need words, his presence is enough.

The sky folds down around us and we wait.

Each snowflake, each life, each morning, unique and transient and lovely.

The wind howls.




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