nothing new under the sun
(in between a rock and a hard place)

i find strange comfort in knowing it’s all been said before

the same sun rises every day
to watch us evolve
yet leaves us in darkness the half length of night

the differences between us do not show in our shadows
those shape-shifting liars we cannot escape

and we rise to every occasion
donning hero aprons and pattern painted nails
to whip up the false strength to fight
or some new brew that will do the job for us
alter reality just enough
to make one of us believe
the mirror is honest

but none of us can see what’s beyond that glare
sparkling decoration conceals our blind spot

and history tells the truth every day
even as we turn our bent-backed bodies
because hope is the secret that leads to survival

while the moon reflects only true light




One Response to “nothing new under the sun
(in between a rock and a hard place)

  • brian miller Says:

    that is the secret…i need to add the painted nails to my hero apron…smiles…the satisfaction in the all being said is that no matter what we have faced, we know someone else has as well…

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