through the looking glass

mirror morning silence
on the break of september

reflecting every definition
of impermanence

we whisper together
in the corners of summer

not ready to come out of hiding
not ready to escape our escape

climbing each other in a tangle of mime

rain drips from my shoulders
and you trace a path

with a broken-cut
bent branch finger

turning back time
and the last fallen leaf

from the tree
of itinerant shade



Joining in today over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,
where Kerry has been lovely enough to feature
some of my photos in a poetry challenge.
Thanks, Kerry!



15 Responses to “through the looking glass”

  • brian miller Says:

    life is full of impermenence…and the seasons remind us, ready or not, that change will happen…and we have to learn to live with it…cause holding on will only hurt more…

  • Mama Zen Says:

    That first couplet is so beautiful! Love this.

  • Kerry O'Connor Says:

    Each line shimmers with the beauty of your thoughts, and artistic visualization. This is graceful and stylish poetry – but I would not have expected anything less than brilliant.

  • hedgewitch Says:

    I don’t even know where to start with this–the lines that jumped out at me were ‘…not ready to escape our escape/climbing each other in a tangle of mime…’ but that itinerant shade is a laser beam. A very fine poem of mood and emotional place, that has the same soft lavender color and texture as your photo. Thanks so much for gracing the Garden with your art.

  • mood wings Says:

    Good heavens, Woman. This is amazing. That branch finger gave me chills, straight up my spine. The first six and the last eight are my favorite lines. 😛 So yeah. The whole poem.

    This is a powerful hingepoint, strategically placed in the (almost) center of the poem: “climbing each other in a tangle of mime”

    Thank you again for sharing your ethereal work.

  • Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Says:

    This create such a stunning image.. I really love to whisper together in the corners of summer.. But there are so many stunning lines here.. You create a perfect end of summer poem.. Thank you for the inspiring pictures.

  • Susan Says:

    impermanence, sigh
    “not ready to escape our escape”
    the shade tree, the finger of youth
    How incredibly loving

  • Helen Says:

    Kelly, your poetry is lovely ~ I have been exploring your blogs and your Etsy site … and your photographs are beyond beautiful. Thank you for inspiring us.

  • JazzBumpa Says:

    the shade comes and goes
    through rain and tangled whispers
    there is no escape


  • Sumana Roy Says:

    the poem is like a vase, holding the blooms and singing of the passage of time…the first couplet is stunning…ok all the lines are…smiles..

  • grapeling Says:

    that last couplet… ~

  • Debi Swim Says:

    My fav amongst all the other wonderful lines…”climbing each other in a tangle of mime”

  • CC Says:

    Kelly….I agree with mood wings about the hingepoint line in your poem….it made me pause, mid-poem, to read it again…gloriously placed and worded. AND….your photography is absolutely stunning and so incredibly inspirational. A joy to behold the beautiful images and all the poems paired with it.

  • Susie Clevenger Says:

    First of all what a beautiful photo. “mirror morning silence on the break of september” “not ready to escape our escape” Just two of the wonderful phrases in this piece. Fantastic write! Thanks so much for allowing us to use your beautiful photography as inspiration.

  • Marian Says:

    i feel this way today… not ready yet to escape my summer escape. or maybe i haven’t escaped yet and am longing? either way.
    this photograph is gorgeous… all your work is wonderful. thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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