the everlasting honeycomb
of broken

shadow shard and hollow reflection
dripping sweet song pattern and
endless playback

locked in a house of mirrors
where the laughter
from room to room
belongs to no one

and dawn reveals the skeleton
inside the jar of syrup

all the pieces are there
and you can spend three months
striving to fit them back together

or you can leave them
dancing in the light of day

as long as you remember
to watch your step each night

because fool’s gold
puddles in your footprints

leading the way
to the door

2 Responses to “the everlasting honeycomb
of broken”

  • d smith kaich jones Says:

    i was all for leaving them there to dance in the light of day, and then you reminded me. this is wonderful and i’m not sure. i hate watching my step.

  • brian miller Says:

    there is something a bit haunting to this…the disembodied laughter, skeleton in the syrup we can either put back together or…let be..the fools gold in our footsteps…plays well off the golden color of the honey as well…

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