it just keeps snowing and
mother nature baked a cake

And February is always the longest month, no matter what the calendar says.

But this morning the sun is shining and the snow is sparkling and it’s hard to be mad at her, this second-month girl, as she flirts with dawn and begs to be scolded.

When there is nothing to be done, the path of least resistance is acceptance.

And so, I accept.

I’m about to don my winter gear to go out and rake snow off the roof in the one spot that will always leak after a snowstorm no matter how many times we have it repaired.

While I’m out there, I will feed the birds, because seriously, would you want to be a bird if this was your playground? I’m sure that by now, the tall grasses have been stripped of all their seed, the black-eyed susan’s little brown heads have been picked clean, and the berries on the holly bush are just a memory.

But the sun is shining.

From my window I can see bits of snow glittering from the tops of those tall grasses, like diamonds.

Everything out there is dressed in black and white or gray, so apparently, this party is a formal affair. I’m almost afraid to crash it in my barn coat and purple wellies.

But, after all, I am just the gardener, and Mother Nature is the queen.

She would hardly expect me to show up in a dress.

All the same, I suppose I’ll have to bow and curtsy and comment on the decorations.

And if I’m lucky, later, I’ll be invited to stay for dessert.



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mother nature baked a cake”

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