and i feel, so much
depends on the weather

I’m not making this face quite yet, this bored, grumpy, is it summer yet? face, but I will be, soon.

My naughty kitten has a very restless heart, and this frigid cold is putting a serious crimp in his style. And by style I mean hunting, mouse exterminating, pest control. He sleeps inside every night, but by day he prowls our property (and beyond) for mice and moles and chipmunks (his favorite), with the occasional bird thrown in to show me who’s boss.

But for the past few days it has been so incredibly cold that he has stayed inside, pouting, causing trouble, getting into mischief. Keeping me up at night with his antics. Normally, after a day in the field, he comes in and passes out and we don’t hear from him until morning. But he has been sleeping most of the day, and so, at night, he is wide awake and looking for entertainment. Cat-style entertainment, you know, running over people’s heads, beating up the other kitties, pouncing on toys and pillows and anything else that can stand in as prey.

It’s kind of funny when it’s not highly annoying (which is around 1:00 in the morning). And it makes me think how much really does depend on the weather, though we like to think that somehow we are above all that, we like to think that we’ve evolved past caring about such trivialities, we like to think that the cocoons we’ve built for ourselves insulate us from what’s going on outside. And in some ways, of course, they do.

But even so, we can’t really ever escape the weather, or nature. Time cycles and seasons shift and we take the sunshine for granted until we are hit by a storm, or extreme cold or too much heat. Floods and droughts and cyclones and tornadoes are the stuff of news, and we forget the power of Mother Nature’s fury on those days when she is smiling down on us.

I don’t think it’s trivial when people talk about the weather. I think it’s human nature. I think it’s a throwback to the times when we lived out in the elements, when paying attention to the weather was a matter of survival. A time that, in the grand scheme of things, really wasn’t so long ago.

But I’m still going to be making this same face for a while before Spring arrives. For me, February is always the longest month. I have tried both fighting it and embracing it, but I think this year, I’m just going to accept it, and wear that expression with pride.

If naughty kitten can do it, so can I.

6 Responses to “and i feel, so much
depends on the weather”

  • brian miller Says:

    i hear you…we were out of school 3 days this week…tack that onto the weekend when my wife was out of town caring for her dad and that is 5 days i was alone with my boys…well 6 really…which is fun but…ha…too much of a good thing and we go stir crazy and get on each others nerves….smiles

    and my cat…loves the cold….go figure….

  • tilda Says:

    ..acceptance of the weather? by this time, in almost over January, I am usually winter drained.
    We have the dreaded cold, snow and ice shortly before you as it moves east. This year it is never ending. I have begun my countdown to spring. The return of the robins, the frogs singing, the leaves, me barefooted. I await it all, not with your acceptance, but perhaps surrender. And that begrudgingly….

  • Steve King Says:

    You’re right about February…it tests the limits of winter patience, though March can be a challenge too, up here!

  • beth Says:

    it is “human nature” and i like that. i like that i can talk to a complete stranger about the one thing we have in common….the weather 🙂

    but poor kitty…i bet she really is all riled up about not getting her nightly prowls in. darn cold 🙁

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    I love reading about naughty kittens’ antics. Ravyn has been on bird patrol and caught something yesterday. It always makes me feel physically sick to see our two dogs playing with a dead bird. Still what can you do? Winter is making me grumpy, especially the cold and the snow. Longing to more tolerable temps and the ability to venture outside without having to take such gingerly steps on the freezing ice.

  • K.Young Says:

    Yes, I believe you can. I can do it too.

    Our kitty won’t even go outside. I think she’s afraid I’ll forget about her and leave her out there when I don’t hear her mewing to come in. I don’t blame her.

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