if words were food and why
my christmas tree is still up

I can’t stop reading. Yesterday I finished one book, read another in its entirety, and began a third. (I also did all my work and cooked dinner, in case you were wondering.)

But, back to reading. I’m sure I’m not good company for my husband these days, with my nose always stuck in a book, er, kindle… but I can’t help myself. It’s all I want to do right now.

Of course, some of it I blame on the weather. It’s too cold to go outside, and a fire is a requirement on nights like these. But still, there are things I need to be doing, like finishing the massive reorganization of all my Christmas decorations for one. And continuing with the painting of all the woodwork in the house that I started last October for another. Plus an entire list of other projects and accomplishment that need ticking off.

But I can’t stop reading.

I’ve become a chain-reader. I’m addicted. I’m helpless. Ha.

I even read a non-fiction book yesterday, and I almost never do that. Which I am almost embarrassed to admit, but hey, it’s the truth–I love fiction. And chocolate.

If words were food, I’d weigh a thousand pounds. And keep right on eating.

But words are calorie-free, and these days, they don’t even take up that much space. And I can begin another at the press of a button (which is part of the problem). And it’s January, the month meant for reading.


I’ll stop one day soon. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.

Or at least I’ll go back to my habit of an hour or so before bedtime.

Then again, my tree may still be up for Valentine’s Day. It has a heart, and lots of red, so that works, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t it?

Say yes.


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my christmas tree is still up”

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