my beautiful mess
remains messy

and this is my life right now.

i focus on the beautiful part,
the first dusting of snow,
the wind in tall grasses,
12 crows in the beige back field.

things taken for granted
are cherished once again.

frustration is an ugly word,
an impossible puzzle.
this word sits on my shoulder these days,
tap tap tapping… just to make certain
i do not forget.

i tell myself this will pass.
i tell myself that spring will come
with tiny green shoots and blood red roses.

i tell myself, again and again.

a bluejay lands outside my window,
a message to stay strong.

fight back.

rosehips and berries offer food
from a dry, barren landscape.

we eat, together.

and this is my life right now.



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remains messy”

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