autumn’s aura

I’m off my game lately. Fighting off some sort of illness, complete with dizziness and vertigo, while also trying to function enough to get my work done. My routines are all off, my habits have been altered, my energy is low.

I remind myself, again and again, that this will pass.

Five minutes after this glorious sunset, the sky was dark. Twelve hours later, it was light again. Sunrise, sunset. And back again.

I was still in my studio working when my husband called me out to see the view last night. Perhaps he knew that I needed a break, (and a photo for today’s post). My dog sat in the front yard as I took pictures of the sky, probably wondering why.

Sometimes life is a struggle. A beautiful, messy, blazing struggle.

It’s a good thing we have glorious sunsets to distract us, remind us, soothe us.

The air outside smells of autumn. Gaggles of geese are making their way to warmer places.

Even when I feel like I am standing still, the world moves on around me. At least I am getting lots of reading time.

It seems October’s clouds have a golden lining.

7 Responses to “autumn’s aura”

  • ayala Says:

    Sometimes life is a struggle..I agree and a beautiful one. I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad he called you out to see this beautiful sky.

  • brian miller Says:

    enjoy your reading and i hope this does pass soon for you….ugh….no fun at is a beautiful mess at times….enjoy the beauty when you can get it…and carry on…

  • Cathy Says:

    feel better soon. . .
    sending good thoughts
    beautiful capture

  • Lotta Says:

    Sending you warm hugs and soothing thoughts.

  • Glenn Buttkus Says:

    Prose, poem, prose poem? Yes, of course, yes, all that & more–and somehow you strummed just the right notes, fanned the sweetest chords, for Fall is a perfect analogy & tribute (if this was to be that), for many of us are now in the Autumn of our lives, and when a strong poetic voice is silenced, their words, like falling leaves, cascades wet & colorful into the yards within us.

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    That a gorgeous image that sunset is. I feel as though I could lose myself in it. Seems as though your husband knew just what you needed. Sorry you’re still suffering, was the doc able to shed any light on it. Hoping it passes but in the meantime take it easy on yourself. x

  • tilda Says:

    many of us struggle, it seems.
    i think i have been lost for a while.
    yesterday after months of being gone, and again today a robin appeared in my front yard. for me, i think. it made all the difference!
    in fondest, tilda

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