fuel and fire and vertigo

i sat in a chair and watched the world spin down around me

(there was less burning than you’d think)

more potential than performance

i was prisoner and you were gallow

crazy loose turning noose

i did not fight you

(as if I had a choice)

and you had no reinforcement

smoke and ash floated down to earth

in a flurry of forgotten

(burned into my retina)

i could not touch my toes to earth

you offered this stool

that rickety ladder

a steep staircase of crawls

(i never moved)

and you never carried

i sat in a chair and watched the world spin down around me


4 Responses to “fuel and fire and vertigo”

  • Glenn Buttkus Says:

    For me this is the fire, the flame of first lust, when the senses are aflame, when danger is not on the radar yet, when exit doors are not taken into account, when step ladders are superfluous; & what a spinning scorching ride you give us; thanks.

  • brian miller Says:

    whew…i remember the spins from college….a much different cause of that….not my fav place to be with the world spinning and caught in vertigo

  • claudia Says:

    this leaves much room to fill in our own thoughts…i never moved…you never carried…this alone tells thousand stories..

  • ayala Says:

    Intriguing poem, Kelly. Mad me think about the time my mother in law had vertigo…I read it twice and I was also captured by the same words as Claudia..i never moved…you never carried.

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