zeniths and nadirs



Where have the highlights and low points been for you so far in 2013?
Where are you now? How would you like your year to end?


Zeniths and nadirs. Two fabulous words.

This year, I’ve come to think of these things not as peaks and valleys, high and lows, good and bad, but as opposites on the same circle.

The circle of life.

Two words that can wave to each other across the ocean of existence. Two words that can swim towards each other and meet in the middle for perfect balance, mellow medium.

Two words that can only make sense by the existence of the other.

And the truth is, most of life happens somewhere in the middle. We hang out there most often, treading water, staying afloat.

Most days we slip off center, just a little. Some days we go off the deep end, other days we make it to the shallows and regain a little footing.

And then some days, we make it all the way to the horizon. But regardless of which side we end up on, those extremes only exist on the edges. And you can only hang out there for just so long. And then you need to swim again.

Life says so.

And I find this comforting.

At 50, I’m learning new things about life. It doesn’t run like a line on a graph, where standing on a peak doesn’t allow you to see into the valley. It runs full circle, it’s all connected, we’re all connected, and even when you do end up somewhere out there on one of those far edges, you can always see the other side on the horizon.

Just keep paddling.

Soak it up.

Drink it in.

Get your feet wet again and again.


Diving into life.

That’s how I’d like my year to end.





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