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How have you treated yourself this year? Have you kept your intentions?


I’m not very good at intentions. I’m not a planner, and while this gets me in trouble every so often, mostly, it works out okay.

I suppose it’s because I believe things happen the way they are supposed to. You know, the best laid plans and all…

Looking back at my posts from early this year, there were a couple of things that jumped out at me. The year of ordinary magic just sort of happened, and then, well… it didn’t. I mean, I wanted it to, but you can’t force magic now, can you? But there’s still time, and I’m still looking. Because, as I said then: “There is wonder all around us. But sometimes, we forget to remember to look.”

And then, I was miserable for much of the winter. In a new way for me, I don’t ever remember being miserable simply because of the season, or the weather. But I was. Pfft. I’m not one for looking back all that much either, and I don’t really want to go there again. Chalk it up to “perhaps it’s because I’m getting older” and that’s all I have to say about that.

And then, after winter, I got busy. With work. Really, really busy. Which was (is) a good thing. Sometime in April, as I was coming out of my misery, I wrote the quote above, probably as a facebook status. Probably in response to the daily barrage of “this is the path you should take” on social media that I veer away from every day.

How have I treated myself? The same way as always. I get up every morning glad to be here, happy to be alive. And I truly mean that. It’s not that I’m all giddy and happy every morning (if you saw me before I’ve had my tea you would be raising your eyebrows at the very thought), it’s just that I appreciate the fact that I have another day to travel through.

Without a map.

Because, you know, maps are for planners and I’m not a planner. And so, I draw my own. Every single day. Does it make my life more complicated than it needs to be? Perhaps.

But the truth is, I like being just a little bit lost most of the time. I like walking through the woods rather than on a path, any path, even the one less traveled by.

There’s so much more more to see when you wander amongst the trees.

Yes. The best, most beautiful parts.

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