the last love of icarus
(an old flame)

all day long i listen to the song
of grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles

after a time, i can hear nothing else

the buzz of a hummingbird sipping nectar
from windowbox purple petunias
shifts me from there to here


and again

and i marvel at wings
quite literally
spun from sugar

you drive into the world of concrete jungle

you drive into the world

you drive


as i walk these paths
choked with weeds and chewed up leaves

pulling a cloak of clouds over your shoulder
to remind me that the stars are always lit

and i am here


with only these crows for company

some days they tell me of your travels

some days they carry me to grace

some days they peck at my shiny rings
as i reach for the sky with lost fingers

some days
they bring me
white feathers

held in beaks flecked with blood, stardust

and gold





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(an old flame)”

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