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5 Responses to “make your own”

  • honey Says:

    leave it to you to post the perfect illumination!

  • prairiegirl Says:

    hee hee … so, i was just out doing the morning weed pulling in my pj’s and was thinking of you and your last image and how there is just nothing like the fireworks of nature!
    is there anything more spectacular than an allium? : )
    and i love the little crazies in the background ~ qu’est-ce que c’est ?
    we had a doozy light show in the night accompanied by a very dynamic percussion section … and it left behind a very nice half inch of rain ~ i love when mother nature does the watering …
    now, for a cuppa!
    cheers ~ have a fabulous holiday day!

  • gordon Says:

    Awesome! I was hoping to be watching the fireworks from the back of my truck tonight. Looks like rain is gonna win. . . again!

  • brian miller Says:


    and making home made ice cream
    to go with, today.

  • nana Says:

    Awesome Mrs M , awesome….

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