monet’s dream

I just love my garden. It’s a lot of work, but the kind of work that is so worth all the effort.

In the spring and summer, it’s my part-time job, and for the weeks that fall between Memorial Day and Father’s Day, it could easily be a full-time position. Early June is when it all looks best, peonies, allium, geranium, lupines, roses, columbine, forget-me-nots and bachelor’s button all in full bloom. The view out my studio window is filled with flowers. And green that goes on forever.

We live in a tiny house with a big garden. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. From now until November, I will be outside as often as I can.

But even working isn’t so bad when I can sit here with this window open, listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, watching the sun crawl its way across the sky. I feel blessed, and grateful.

Tending this garden never ends. But neither does the joy it brings me. (Well, okay, except for the sore back.) I’ve learned so much about life out there with my hands in the dirt, lessons I don’t think I would have learned any other way. And there is always something new to see.

Just now, my eyes are wide open.



7 Responses to “monet’s dream”

  • brian miller Says:

    keep those eyes open….there is something that happens too when we put our hands to the earth and join in creation…the work never ends…but neither does the joy as you said…smiles.

    happy thursday

  • John Richter Says:

    No doubt your element has arrived, Mrs. Mediocrity…. Nature’s canvas can be quite satisfying, I hear. Unfortunately the “Y” chromosome plaguing me from birth requires that my own fascination of past-time be limited first to the complete destruction and/or disassembly of an object before completely rebuilding it. It’s difficult to relate the whole dismal affect that method has on roses, so I tend to focus more on tube radios and automobiles which seem to fare a little better. But I’ll look forward to your photos of the garden as it progresses!

  • Steve King Says:

    Another fine and artful essay.

  • gotham girl Says:

    Beautiful photograph, beautiful words and I so get it!

  • ayala Says:

    It sounds like a slice of heaven. Work that is worthwhile and that feeds the soul. 🙂

  • Sue Says:

    Just beautiful! I believe I discovered your photography/blog through some connection with Kim Klassen way back when. Such a big fan/admirer of your work. There’s a layer of depth in your words/photos that is very special. Love and agree with your sentiments of learning much about life while working in your garden.

  • Brandee Says:

    This is so peaceful. I love it.

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