waiting with the patience
of no choice

for surely
something wonderful
is about to happen

the sun will set
and color will come home

the moon will rise
and stars will dance with midnight

a seed will burst through the soil
a leaf will unfold
a flower will open
an egg will divide

somewhere, a face cracks into a smile
somewhere else, tears are falling

and in all the miles between
anger and silence and joy and rhythm
form a quilt of square and triangle
rectangle and hexagon
inviting you to settle under
snuggle into
cover over

the rich dark soil underneath
wet and dank and teeming with
worms turning
turn turn

a darkness that feeds you
through the hollow cave of night

until morning comes and warms you
with promises promises
of another day

another chance
to sit there


stand there


for surely
something wonderful

is about to happen





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of no choice”

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