starry starry night

if i had known it was you
on the corner that night

all staggered and cerulean blue
spinning me blindly
with a bump to my shoulder
down a dark-sided rocky path

i would have turned back
and taken your hand

filled it with bread
and boxes of paint

covered the mirrors
and sold you on hope

written you ‘cross the sky
in one long blinding comet

and then reached for your ankles
so you couldn’t float away


but your path was set
long before you were born

an arched trajectory
of red ochre
burnt umber
alizarin crimson

left to trail behind you
in the stare of eternity’s night

while i wander this path
in the darkness, this ever blinding
always wanting
mars black shadow hole
of crow and star and


always listening

for the echo
of your footsteps




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(on interactions with historical people)

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