redux: a list
{scintilla day 10}


Sometimes we wish we could hit the rewind button.
Talk about an experience that you would do over if you could.


This could be the kind of list that goes on forever,
filled with things like:

the time I yelled at you for not picking up your toys

the time I forgot your birthday

the time I turned left instead of right

the time I threw a book at you

the time I messed up the banking and left you
stranded at the checkout

the time I scratched your brand new tub
while cleaning the fish tank

the time I said the words I knew would hurt you most

the time I burned you with a match-tip
because I didn’t do the joke right

the time I sat with my friends instead of you
at the concert

all the times I bought something I didn’t really need
instead of saving my money

all the times I didn’t take the time to spend with you

all the times I said no when I should have said yes

all the times I said yes when I should have said no


But really, this is the only one that matters:

all the times I didn’t say I love you
when I could have.




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{scintilla day 10}

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