postcard from the edge

Dear February,

I’m turning my back and you, and I won’t be peeking over my shoulder as I walk away, so don’t wait for me.

It’s not me, it’s you. No, really, it’s YOU.

I know I’m not supposed to hold grudges, and I’ve tried hard to be forgiving, but you, well, let’s just say no one would ever accuse you of being bubbly. Or sunshiny. Or heartwarming.

You are one long, cold, grey night and that’s the truth of it.

Oh, I tried warming up to you, I built you fires and brought you flowers and attempted to sweeten you up with chocolate.

But you refuse to crack, all encased in the ice you wear so proudly, thinking you’re so cool.

And yes, I know that March may not actually be a step up, he’s really more like a slide on over, but he has more heart than you, anyone can see that.

Goodbye February. I wish I could say it was good while it lasted, I wish I had been able to transcend my bitterness.

In the end, I got cold feet.

Because you stole all my shoes.

So go on now, wrap yourself in that dirty, used-to-be-white jacket and find yourself another girl.

I hope you can find one that loves you more than I did.

Good luck with that.





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