i hope you dance, too.

In thinking about what lesson really jumped out at me this past year, the word that kept popping into my mind was dance. And I don’t mean I took dance lessons, I mean, I danced.

Oh there were other lessons, I learned that discarding is a beautiful thing, that time is more valuable than money, that space, empty space, doesn’t always need to filled. I learned how to let go and how to hold on, how to be strong and how to be open, the importance of forgiveness and the impossibility of tomorrow. I learned that I still have so very much to learn.

But mostly, I danced.

Beneath the moon and out in the sun, while I washed dishes and vacuumed the floor, in my mind and in my heart and everywhere I went, I danced. With trees and flowers, birds and butterflies, snowflakes and smiles.

I danced while I worked, I danced while I ran, I danced while planting tiny seedlings.

I twirled and turned, bent and dipped, waltzed and two-stepped. (I even kicked and stretched like Sally O’Malley in the parking lot of the mall to make my mom and sister laugh – but that’s a whole different story.)

In the fall, after I had been sick with the flu and stuck inside forever, I went to walk with my husband and son one day while they golfed. And way across on the other side of the course, I spotted this dancing leaf girl, some crazy vine gone wild in the untended edge of the rough.

She’d been out there the whole time, holding my place.

And then I knew that I was just exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment, beneath that endless bowl of sky, pirouetting in the golden glint of sun.

I danced all the way home.

I’m dancing, still.





Reverb 12/Cultivate 2012:
What lesson really jumped out at you this year? How can you cultivate that lesson going forward?

What was your dream destination in 2012 and why? ?


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