“I’d rather explore life on my own and get lost a thousand times than follow someone else’s beautifully landscaped path.”

One of my own facebook quips, after a day that felt like everyone in the world was telling me the best path in life, seemingly claiming to have all the answers.

I’ve always walked the path less traveled, always been on the outside looking in, always fallen just shy of fitting into any group, or being in any loop. It has never been about answers for me, but always, the questions.

And the questions can only be found by living them, getting dirt under your nails and scrapes on your knees, tripping blindly through the dark on the way to nowhere, wandering alone and lost in a wilderness of possibility.

Do I ever get lonely? Sometimes. Though probably not as often as I should.

Do I reach out to take an offered hand when I stumble and fall down? Absolutely. And if, by chance, there is no one there to offer that hand, I get up anyway, and keep on walking.

Mystery and wonder are always there to greet me, one on either side.

The path of the introvert is the path that’s chosen me.

The path of wonderfully, magically always just a little bit lost is the path that I have chosen.

And despite the drawbacks, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides, I couldn’t find my way out of here if I tried.





Reverb 12/Cultivate 2012:
Sometimes the best path chooses you. — Patrick Rhone

What path chose you this year??


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