Last night the light was gorgeous.

Gorgeous enough to drag me up off the couch despite a migraine, gorgeous enough to warrant the real camera rather than the phone camera, gorgeous enough to bathe everything in beauty.

Today, I still have a migraine. I am behind in the work I need to get done this week, I am tired and my house is a mess.

There is always something that needs doing, always a reason to be here instead of there, always the feeling that the pile of sand in the bottom of the hourglass is larger than the pile of sand left at the top.

Last night, I didn’t care about any of that. Last night, I sat in the sun as it slowly drew long shadows over everything in sight.

I read and listened to birds, threw my head back and stared at the sky, inhaled crisp air just beginning to smell like autumn.

Life can seem so complicated. But really, it’s all so simple.

It’s all about the light.

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