the good, the bad,
and the ugly

Perspective is a tricky player. And there are days when you are blinded by the hand you are dealt, full of jokers and and clubs and spades. Days when you can’t see past the black humor of life.

Days when the good hides in the bottom of the deck and the bad, that ugly jack, gets turned face up.

And you know it’s all a game, that soon it will be over and life will go on the way it always does and next time you play you will get a hand full of diamonds. Or hearts.

And you know that in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not that bad anyway, everyone loses sometimes, everyone gets beat, or drops a card on the floor, or gets stuck playing 52 pick-up. My brother used to love pulling that one on me.

This has been a week like that.

A week that will pass whether I win or I lose, and some weeks, that’s just the way it goes.

I keep trying to focus on the good. I’m usually much better at that than I have been this week. This week that started out just fine and then turned into one small calamity after another. All small, all survivable, all just tiny blips on the big screen of life.

And now I’m mixing metaphors.

That’s okay, life is like that, too.

And I have this photo of this bird that came to visit me on Monday. And that was very, very good.

And every so often, if you stare at it for a long enough time, the ugly can start to look beautiful.

Any second now, I just know I’m going to draw the queen of hearts.

Come on, hit me.




5 Responses to “the good, the bad,
and the ugly”

  • Debi Says:

    i always say it just be’s that way sometimes. it doesn’t make it better, but it helps me to breathe through it.

    if i were there i would help you pick up those cards that are scattered all over the place. and i would leave the queen of hearts for you to find.

  • beth Says:

    come onnnnnn {said in my las vegas voice}…….queen of hearts !!!
    i hope next week is a brilliantly perfect one for you, to make up for lost time….xo

  • Liz Says:

    it has been a couple of weeks of this for me, some immense joy and some intense heart ache, your words are a salve…

  • joanna jenkins Says:

    By the time you read this I hope everything’s coming up roses, or diamonds… Diamonds would be nice 🙂
    xo jj

  • Maery Rose Says:

    Love the photo of the waxwing. I wish I could have made my similar shot look like that. Selfishly, I’m relieved to hear someone else in this place, someone who’s writing I truly admire. I expect the next thing I read will have a different perspective.

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