there’s always something creeping
through the cracks and crevasses
peeking out, peering in
whispering instruction

camouflage can only take you
so far into the forest

stillness is a temporary reprieve

your scent will always reveal
the truth of who you are

you can run and hide
bolt and fall
get up again and stare down
your predator

scream at the sun
for daring to shine

if you are wild enough
your strength will save you

15 Responses to “stealth”

  • brian miller Says:

    your scent will always reveal
    the truth of who you are

    haha…so true…smiles…

    and if you are wild enough….oh i hope to achieve that for sure…very nice, really like the layers of meaning in this one…smiles.

  • beth Says:

    “there’s always something whispering instruction”…..well isn’t that the truth.

  • Pat Byers (Tilda) Says:

    we can hide, but the truth of who we are is not
    hidden long.
    in fondest, Tilda

  • Anna Montgomery Says:

    This reminds me of the deer and elk in the yard (not the right word we don’t claim it – maybe forest circumscribing our home) they don’t see us as predators anymore just wild breathing things alongside them but strangely dependent on steel boxes. They probably feel sorry for us for being such poor runner/jumpers :). Always an exciting poetic adventure at your place.

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    Here’s to wildness, beautiful.

  • Monisima Says:

    Nicely inspired piece based on the photo:) There is more than what meets the eye.

  • InkyTwig Says:

    the truth of who we are. so very true. love. as always. love this.

  • Jason Says:

    As I told Streetlights, I haven’t stopped reading the words of of friends, just trying to piece myself together a little, and having trouble finding the words that can adequately express how awesome you guys are. You, as always, write the most beautiful words and can cause the creative juices to surge into me with your brilliant pieces. Thank you for being a friend.

  • zongrik Says:

    i feed my neighbors dogs, and last night, there were mammalian sounds in the bushes (usually it’s toads) and it was not a cat…when i went back with a flashlight, it was gone…

    when time races like a bullet

  • Jannie Funster Says:

    We are all so much stronger than we know, and that strength always in love and compassion — and if for ourselves first, there can be no predator.

    All that enlightened jungle stuff having being said… 🙂

    I LOVE that kitty!! Of course, not that I’m a cat person I do love them all.

    And I LOVE Kelly’s poetry, Kelly YOU (not my daughter in this case…) 🙂 Still can’t believe the Universe has met me up with you. Life’s sooo good the the blogginghood.

    have a stunningly sweet and poetic weekend, my buddie.


  • Jannie Funster Says:

    Whoops, typo, that should read, of course….

    NOW that I’m a cat person.

    Which you probably figured out because not only are you a fabulous poetic photographer type, but failly smart in the ways of the world too. 🙂


  • Debi Says:

    oh. i love this. we all wear some kind of camouflage, but yes. yes. what will we do when our truth betrays our whereabouts? love, love, love. you is goooood.

  • lisa Says:

    This is beautiful, and I absolutely love the way you framed it.

  • Marcie Says:

    And her beauty and strength will definitely save her!!!

  • Maery Rose Says:

    I needed those last two lines and am stealing them to write on my heart. Thank you.

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