i broke a mirror

and i cringed because
you know what they say
years bad luck and all
and then i remembered
that i broke another
mirror a few years
seven years
more or less and
how much bad luck
can one person have
and perhaps
this means i
broke the spell
of that first
and anyway
isn’t it time
for new reflections
or at least a
different view
and i’ve heard that
your body
renews itself from
the inside out every
seven years
and seven is my lucky number
and i read recently
that a woman goes through
7-year cycles
of growth in her life
which made me wonder
what happens when you
turn 50
and now i’m
about to
find out

i broke a mirror

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34 Responses to “shattered”

  • InkyTwig Says:

    i love when poetry makes you think and question and wonder. this is what “shattered” did for me today. as always, lovely. perhaps breaking a second mirror cancels out the other one?

  • Michael Says:

    A lovely stream of logic; so glad to see the poetry habit has now rooted.

  • Natasha Says:

    Shatter that mirror! On Purpose! Right now! You’re cruising the next seven year cycle on a cloud of fantastic words powered by poetry. Loved this, the simple presentation yet the depth of the words. Wonderful!

  • Maery Rose Says:

    Love the photo and your train of thought poem! It all makes perfect sense to me.

  • Debi Says:

    oh god, but i loved this. screw magical object thinking. you are every piece of that mirror shining every which way but loose, and i have a feeling loose is just around the bend. into the world!!!

  • Robin aka Gotham Girl Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Yes, shatter that mirror!

  • claudia Says:

    ha…i like…broken mirrors are new possibilities for a different view on life for sure.. i think you should shatter one each day…just for the fun and the reflection..ha..esp. when you turn 50..nice…have a lovely birthday

  • brian miller Says:

    as if a mirror will ever tell you the truth you know…they are full of lies…so break them…love the build of the 7s through out…and you are about to turn 50? i know i should never ask a woman her age so dont answer…but…regardless, i love the way you write…smiles.

  • Anna Montgomery Says:

    A poem embracing the prismatic reflection of millions of possibilities, photonic brilliance embracing the paradoxical particle/wave of your potential, bravo! Awfully exciting!

  • Cathy Says:

    broken mirrors give slivers of our lives to look at not bad luck! i love this, the way your words flow, everything coming together. and the 50’s they are pretty awesome!

  • Steve King Says:

    This is so smart and relevant to everyone. You keep us moving through all the sevens and it makes sense! The ending is terrific. Nice work.

  • aprille Says:

    You’ll have us all shattring or mirrors on purpose now:-)
    Waiting to see what actually does happen.

  • Stuart McPherson Says:

    Yeah- I love this…superstition…life cycles…reflections….so many metaphors here….maybe you’re being reflective, maybe your saying that if you break something don’t be afraid to break something again (meaning take risks, go for it, live life!), or maybe this is a but more tentative, a bit more cautious with the repetition of the ‘I broke a mirror’…sounding unsure – all I can say is…you’re never too old, you always have limits to push, and as long as you’re breathing you’ve gotta go for it….enjoyed this muchly! (as usual!)

  • skyraftwanderer Says:

    Love how this reads. Like someone said, it’s a stream of words that just flows, and flows. Works so well.

    Great write here.

  • Daydreamertoo Says:

    7 is my lucky number too, and, I refuse to believe 13 is unlucky so I also say it’s another of my lucky numbers. Breaking mirrors is only bad luck if you believe it to be true. Sod superstition. LOL
    Age is but a number (so says a 58 year old) 😉
    Happy Birthday (when it is) 🙂

  • Vanessa Matthews Says:

    Really really enjoyed this, thank you x

  • The Linnet Says:

    Another fantastic poem!

    It draws me in leading me one way, then snapping my head around to think ‘ahh’ and leaving me pondering… Lovely 🙂

  • kez Says:

    wow you’d think when we reach 50 we’d know better it’s superstition of our own making …great write and flow thank you for sharing x

  • Pat Hatt Says:

    Yeah bust it over and over, made for some great lines of thought, amazing how things come from a little act. I busted a few as well, walked under ladders and by black cats and still here.

  • hedgewitch Says:

    This is amazingly clean and pungent writing–I’m beginning to think maybe I haven’t broken enough mirrors–there’s always something creepy about them, about what’s real, about the mirror world, or just the image one thinks is real…some of the earliest artifacts in Egyptian tombs are polished metal mirrors and cosmetics…apparently ‘the eternal feminine’ is not an exaggeration. Loved it.

  • Colleen@LooseLeafNotes Says:

    I love the natural way the poem develops. It’s hard not to see every event as an oracle and a mirror holds a lot of mystery/insight.

  • Colette Says:

    We can always break the mirror,
    but not the inner reflection.
    Hope you find out something good!

  • poemblaze Says:

    I love the stream of consciousness flow and how you bring it around full circle at the end. Fifty will be wonderful for you, btw.

  • Buddah Moskowitz (@ihatepoetry) Says:

    Forgive my vulgarity, but shatter that mirror and piss on the pieces! The best is yet to be! Absolutely great writing!

  • Ayala Says:

    I hope you have a happy birthday… Don’t worry about the broken mirror and seven is my lucky number too. 🙂

  • laurie kolp Says:

    I love this… especially the ending. The older I get the less I like to look in mirrors.

  • Susie Clevenger Says:

    Broken mirrors and superstition…love it..I look in the mirror as little as possible these days. 🙂

  • beckykilsby Says:

    Enjoyed that consciousness streaming through the piece.. how we tie ourselves in knots.. love how you did that.

    So at 50, guess you get to start all over again… but better.. 🙂

  • I see you through this intimate lens Says:

    […] doorways to the Infinite                         are everywhere                                     pouring her energy into […]

  • Stereo Says:

    I cannot imagine anything about you being even remotely unlucky. And I loved the way you linked the cycles of seven here. So happy to be back reading and loving your words.

  • Ginny Brannan Says:

    Seven 7-year cycles, huh? Is that concurrently, consecutively, or randomly? Hoping random, because otherwise am already on my 8th so I guess that doesn’t count! A whole lot of pondering going on, I think with each milestone birthday/ anniversary we tend to wonder what’s next. I like how you put things all in a context that we can relate to. Nicely penned.

  • Jenne' Andrews Says:

    A wonderful poem turning on a unique vision, great word play as well! xxxj

  • Luke Prater Says:

    thought-provoking piece. I like your perspective

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