what started out as a run on a day when bones
were too weary tired achy grinding against each other

sorry to carry me further farther faster anywhere
became a walk in which words dropped from my shoulders

like perspiration and all i could think about was what
would happen if i just kept walking kept walking in a line

that’s never straight or to the point or drawn with a
ruler, a line that goes on forever or at least all the way

to pennsylvania and then i decided it might be better
to be a bird with no luggage to carry, no decisions

to make no time for pause or regret or indecision
my only concern would be survival there would

always be food to forage or some kind soul
to set out seed and i would travel light

so light all scattered feathers and
fabulous views and each day

would end with
a song




A poem a day for 30 days.
In honor of National Poetry Month
this post is part of NaPoWriMo. see more here.

8 Responses to “tripping”

  • wholly jeanne Says:

    i want to go to walk with you, sugar. not run – my bones never have been up for that – but walk. and somewhere along the way, we’ll start a game. perhaps you a bird and me a cat. we’ll tag and chase and hide. you’ll sing down to me of things you see, and i’ll just warm myself in the sun waiting for you to come back and sing to me.

  • Michael Says:

    Oh, keep straight through Pennsylvania into Maryland; I always set out treats for travelers, and would love to hear your songs.

  • Anna Montgomery Says:

    I’ve been meaning to say for a while now how much I love your photography and am sorry I didn’t manage it until now. I just took a 6 week road trip in Dec/Jan and so this spoke to my innermost self. While I didn’t manage the liberation or transformation you so gloriously capture I did manage many a song in my car in the early morning. Fantastic.

  • Pat Byers (Tilda) Says:

    …words dropped from my shoulders like perspiration. words dropped from my shoulders…
    you so simply state sentences that make my soul smile.
    another great write. i am smiling.
    in fondest, Tilda

  • Shawna Says:

    Boy does that kind of travel sound lovely! I really like this line: “a line that goes on forever or at least all the way”

  • Manicddaily Says:

    This is just lovely. (Although you might have wind shear! Or some such issue.) K.

  • brian miller Says:

    you know there have def been days i could take just such a walk…one in which i did not stop until i had to swim or…to become a bird would be a beautiful thing as i have always wanted to fly…usually these transformative walks, happen in the woods, for me…

  • Debi Says:

    i hear the birds here calling you. come . . .

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