the strangest memories come to visit
while you’re standing in the shower

all naked and alone and washing life’s
dusty coating down the drain to nowhere

the old console stereo my parents used to
have in the dining room, bigger than a couch

big enough to still be playing songs in this
40-something head, songs that come to me

in waves of too hot water and saggy aging skin
i’d prefer not to look at, (the same way the only

mirror i use these days is the reflection i catch
smiling back at me from atop a glass of wine)

since they don’t make things like they used to
everything must be smaller, thinner, lighter

because we don’t need no stinkin’ gravity
to hold us down and keep us tethered or

even strung along, it’s never been the force
of earth or magnetic pull keeping us here,

preventing us from floating away like a bubble
about to burst, it’s always just the strangest





A poem a day for 30 days, in honor of National Poetry Month.
This post is part of NaPoWriMo. see more here.

9 Responses to “sibilance”

  • Elizabeth Howard (@smallstate) Says:

    hey, you know what you do really well? You just drop the reader into a scene so delicately with such flow of details. I have been to your parents basement and to the store to buy that crap and I’ve even been in that shower with you and behind the glass hiding. This poem feels feather light and perfect. Lovely. XO

  • Luke Prater Says:

    The blank couplets do a good job of carrying the theme; evocative piece

  • Anna Montgomery Says:

    Love this poem! I bought a garage sale stereo system with speakers that weighed about 80 pounds when I went to college. I was emancipated then and had to lug everything around in my ancient 78 Ford Fairmont. By the end of sophomore year I couldn’t face moving those speakers again and literally pushed them out the third story window onto the quad instead of trying to haul them down the stairs. I kid you not they remained intact but I still dragged them to the dumpster.

  • kamana Says:

    funny how many visions and memories come to mind in the shower. i always seem to think of swimming with sharks for some reason

  • brian miller Says:

    def dont make things like they used to and i love a bit of nostalgia…i am glad i am not the only one standing in the shower pondering the universe as well…sloughing off dirt and ideas…smiles…

  • Brian Says:

    Loved reading this – read like all of the senses were involved, inducing memories and feelings. Quite brilliant.

  • Pat Byers (Tilda) Says:

    still here. still reading. still amazed at the words, the thoughts, and where you take us.
    love it, Mrs. M.
    in fondest. Tild

  • beth Says:

    you know, the shower is where all my thoughts and memories come to life or are reborn…..but your words make is sound so much better then that !

  • Debi Says:

    i have an iphone image of my feet in the shower, the beginning of a poem in same spot, and i am tossing the words. these are the best – we don’t need no stinkin’ gravity, indeed. indeed. the memories hold us. perfect.

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