just me and my shadow…

It’s so lonely here these days…

On Wednesday, Google discontinued Google Friend Connect, and I didn’t find out until it was already deleted. So, for those of you who followed me from there, my blog will now be gone from your list. Apparently Blogger blogs still have the GFC feature, but since I am on WordPress, I do not.

If you like, you can manually add me into your Google Reader list
by using this url:


And here are some other current ways to follow:




I always put my posts up on facebook and twitter, and I am planning to start posting them on google+ as well.

There is also an RSS feed option in the “follow me” tab at the right.

If you have any other suggestions as far as how you prefer to follow blogs, please let me know.

I miss seeing all your little avatars on my sidebar.


I haven’t always have time to respond to comments, but I want
you to know how much I appreciate the fact that
you follow, visit, comment, support.

It means a lot.



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