in which i crow

This morning, I sat at my kitchen table with a journal and a pencil. Morning pages, so to speak, the result of a table that was cleared, sunlight glinting just so off the surface, and the time and space to savor a cup of tea, a blank page, the scratch of a pencil.

Outside my tiny kitchen window, the one I always wish was a big bay picture window but never will be, the birds were having their breakfast. A pair of cardinals sat together on a branch for a moment, winter lovers in shades of heart. Chickadees flitted in and out, always busy, always happy, I think the word flibbertigibbet was invented just for them. And as I sat there, writing, watching, writing, I heard the alarm caw of a crow. One of my crows, the three that come every morning for breakfast in the driveway, two on the ground, eating, one posing as lookout in the tree overhead.

Moments later, a large flock of starlings (isn’t it early for starlings?) landed in the hedgerow, chirping and fluttering and fidgeting and then moving on just as quickly as they arrived, in a great flurry of feather and branches and sunlight.

My naughty kitten was pretending to meander down the driveway.

All of this in just a few moments, but enough to make me get up to find my camera. And yes, of course, when I returned, there were no birds in sight. And so, more scratching, more tea, more listening. To a quiet that is never silent, the hum of the refrigerator behind me, the sound of pencil, and there, again, the caw of crow.

They had returned, my three musketeers, two down, one up, always waiting, watching, working. My sentinels of morning.

I snapped many shots of the watchman, but this was my favorite, the dropping down to earth, after deciding it was safe, to feast on seed.

A moment in time that happens a dozen times every day, but only once in all of eternity.

I love that.




14 Responses to “in which i crow”

  • mark Says:

    This sounds idyllic to me. It also shows strong writing skills, to make such a quiet scenario compelling.

  • Pat Byers (Tilda) Says:

    beautiful thoughts for my most wintery of mornings here in Michigan. we, too, have crows. and chickadees, cardinals, doves, and an assortment of others we feed. but it is always the sound of the crow that makes me look out my frosted window panes. elusive, they are difficult to photograph. great job on that. before this week of snow, with the bare ground we have untypically had for Nov and Dec, their sound was more spring like. it never failed to bring a smile. now they depend on me to feed them. a very nice write today, as always.
    in fondest of thought, Tilda

  • Michael Says:

    Beautifully tooled phrases.
    I am a routinist, wanting each day to pass as the previous, but even then, they are never just the same. So right you are, each moment so special, so once in all eternity.

  • Amelia Says:

    I love this, the imagery you created with your words made me feel as though I witnessed this along with you! I love the picture too, this is a nice start to my day, thank you!

  • Debi Says:

    i was mad at blogger this morning, my text justification not working, forcing everything to centered when i thought i had more to say. more to say about the birds outside – there were hundreds in the trees and the creeks, cardinals and blackbirds and robins and sparrows, and then they were gone, and i was still miffed. i’d written 3 lines, and then i came here. because you’d said it all so beautifully – shades of heart indeed – i took it as a sign to breath, to publish the 3 lines, to let it go.

    and this image is fabulous. perfect.

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    I love that too . . . and you’re right the chickadees are always so happy. I need to be more like them.

  • Marcie Says:

    What a beautiful way of recording that moment. You have a gift!

  • missing moments Says:

    Love the phrase … “winter lovers in shades of heart” … and all is a wonderful post!

  • zongrik Says:

    great imagery and phrasing

  • Kate Says:

    I love that, too. I also love your unique captures and edits. They are just so beautiful.

  • rhayne Says:

    Gorgeous piece of writing.

  • wholly jeanne Says:

    you know, sugar, i marvel that you show up here every single day, slinging beautiful words, opening windows for us. how does she do it? i ask myself about a gazillion times every time i am here. and today i answer myself: she lives in her life. she pays attention and describes for us what she sees. you are such a presence, your posts and photos such presents. thank you. even when life throws me a detour sign and i don’t get by here for a day or two, thank you.

  • wholly jeanne Says:

    p.s. around here, crows are not at all desirable, and for the life of me i don’t know why. i find them fascinating, captivating, mesmerizing – and when they hold a convention on my lawn, energizing and deafening.

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