{reverb11 – day 21}



What did you believe in this year?


i believe

in smiles and broken hearts

in dancing in the moon circus

in hope

in today

in walking the path less traveled

in forgiveness

that i know nothing

in love

in summer and tomatoes

in silence

that mountains make me whole

in death

that my garden feeds my soul

that writing feeds my soul

that not all empty spaces are meant to be filled

in looking to the sky

that someday i will soar

there is never enough, there is always too much

normal is just a notion

kindness is the cornerstone of love

you have to pay attention

i prefer questions to answers

in pushing the limits

hemingway is still my favorite writer

hugs are free and also invaluable

life is not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be lived

i need to stand up and be counted

i occasionally suffer from wiggly spirit

i am surrounded by heroes

that i will always miss george

i will never love mirrors

love doesn’t have to be perfect to survive

my parents are the best

there is both more and less time than you think

i’m a romantic at heart, an idealist by nature
and a purist by design
except sometimes i’m not any of those things
and sometimes i am their opposites

some days are red, some days are blue


i believe that being alive is a gift

i believe that being grateful for every breath you take
is the only way to say thank you

i believe in so much and so little, all at once.


these are all ideas or lines from my posts this year



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{reverb11 – day 21}

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