he is the hunter
{reverb11 – day 16}


A Community I Love
Online & in real life we’re all part of a multitude of communities.
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We also have the crazy one, the old lady, the little girl (who is actually 3x little), and my handsome man.

Yes, I am talking about cats. And yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

This one, the one in the picture, has become king of the castle, just by the fact that he gets to go outside. He rules the roost, or, at the very least, he tries.

He brings me gifts I cannot look at, carnage that makes me cringe, and an indifference that leaves me chasing after his affection. (If you have cats, you know what I mean.)

He’s a vicious killer, a well-trophied hunter, and a sweet doodle bug all at once. I know, I know, I am crazy.

He guards the yard while I work inside, spending my days with the other four kitties as they amble in and out of my attention zone, all unique, all funny, all loved and well-fed and spoiled and snuggled.

He stops in for visits and snacks, and goes right back outside for more hunting. More chasing. More napping. When he doesn’t check in, I get nervous. I check the road, I call his name, I pace.

I know, I know, I am crazy.

There are so many communities I love that I could have written about, my family, my real-life friends, my online friends, so many people that add richness to my life.

But this is how I spend my days, here, alone, with these five cats. (And one crazy dog.) And I almost didn’t write this post about my cats, because I didn’t want to seem like too much of a crazy cat lady.

But I AM a crazy cat lady.

And I’m crazy in love with this cat.




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{reverb11 – day 16}

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