a moment in time
{reverb11 – day 3}


Tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.


In amongst the chaos, it was a year filled with snatched moments. Breathing them in the way I would if I had just run six miles and was gasping for breath.

Appreciating them all the more for the way they filled my desperate mind with bits and pieces of beautiful.

In general, I share those moments of beauty here, but there was one that I didn’t, mainly because it was impossible to photograph.

In August we went to the Adirondack mountains to camp at one of our favorite lakes, one that is a favorite because it is small and because it feels like home.

And after we had been there for a day and half, the park ranger came by to tell us that we had to leave the next day, that all the parks in the mountains were being closed because of Hurricane Irene.

As he said this, there was not a cloud in the sky.

That night, we made a roaring campfire, the way we always do, and we made s’mores, the way we always do, and we wished we didn’t have to pack things up so soon.

Later, we walked down to the lake, to say goodbye.

No one was at the beach, it was quite late. Technically, I suppose we weren’t supposed to be there, either.

But what a sight.

The lake was perfectly calm, and in it, a million stars reflected back at themselves.

If it weren’t for the slightly darker silhouette of the mountains ringing the lake, it would have been impossible to tell where the sky ended and the lake began. A tiny crescent moon hung low in the sky, smiling back up at us from the water.

We all stood there for minutes that felt like hours, just soaking it in.

It was the kind if moment that I knew I could never photograph well enough, or describe well enough, to convey its magic.

But now, when I close my eyes, I can still see it.

I am there. On that beach, surrounded by darkness that is not dark but glittering, loons calling out love songs in the distance, and mountains looming as sentinels in the background, strong and silent and unseen.

I am there breathing in.

And I am smiling.



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{reverb11 – day 3}

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