a self portrait, of sorts

for a manifesto, of sorts

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i want to be the old laughing lady.

i want to notice the things that really matter, always.
the sweet smile, the embrace,
the first daffodil poking its head through the snow.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i live in the world i have made for myself.

i survive in the world at large.

my heart spit out its bitter years ago,
making room for more love.

and more questions.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i run through life at top speed
because i want to fit everything in.

there is too much of everything.

there is not enough of anything.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

words are my window to existence.

i am words.

i have always been words, even before i could speak them.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i believe that being alive is a gift.

i believe that being grateful for every breath you take
is the only way to say thank you.

i believe in so much and so little, all at once.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i am a heart that beats out a pattern
like a far-off drum in the night.

i am a soul.

an old soul, a new soul, a wise soul.

a soul that knows nothing.

.. ..   .. ..   .. ..

i am open.

.. ..



I am participating in Madelyn Mulvaney’s persisting souls photography e-course.
I was so hesitant to do a self-portrait, so hesitant to do a manifesto.
But here I am. This is me, being brave.


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