kiss the flame

it seemed like such a simple question

what would you take with you
if your house was burning down

but it came with too many answers

and then

not enough

and then it sat just there
staring back at me like a mirror

taunting me
daring me
double dog daring me

to answer

if you want to know
i will tell you

on my way out the door

i picked up books and photos

my grandmother’s
gold and white teapot

the christmas bell
my father gave me

the drawings my son
crayoned as a child

a favorite teacup

my journals and poetry

the rose-colored glasses
my mom handed me
on my thirteenth

cards and letters

my favorite soup pot

the flannel shirt
my husband wore
at our wedding

lace doilies crocheted
by my oldest friend

a necklace made by my sister

my arms grew tired
my burden, heavy

when i got to the door
i turned
and set it all down

all of it

arranged it neatly
in a shrine
to memory

took one step backward
and then another
and another

then finally turned
and walked outside

empty handed

empty handed

heart full



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