A good deal of the time, I am all over the place, at least inside my head. There is a ticker-tape list of things to be done always circling through my mind. As soon as one thing gets checked off, another takes its place. And then another, and then three more.

Most of the time, that’s where I keep it all, right up there in my head where I can see it, even when I close my eyes.

Some days, though, it all starts to spin out of control, going so fast that I can no longer read the words. Vowels and consonants start to fly out at me in bits and pieces, I will catch a phrase or two if I’m lucky, but for the most part, life is a blur.

I keep going because I must, but I am just feeling my way along, arms stretched out before me, fingers searching. I have lost my insight.

Lost the voice that tells me to take a break and sit in my garden. Or the one that says, “Just breathe.” Or the one that whispers bits of wisdom in my ear.

Sometimes, life is like that. Oh, I wish it were not, but the simple truth of it is that no one ever said it would always be easy. We get spoiled by our own assumptions. We see other people who look like they have it so much better than we do. So much easier.

But if we are paying attention, and sometimes, even if we are not, we will stumble across something that will make us understand that through it all, there is life. That most precious of gifts. The cycles that drag us down can also be the light that lifts us up. Life is always going on.

Leaves sprout, flowers blossom, seeds form and then scatter.

But when that happens, new life begins to grow.

Maybe being scattered isn’t so bad, after all.




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