It’s been a strange year. Almost since day one, something felt off to me, some rhythm has been missing, something has been off kilter, off balance, out of place.

Something I cannot quite put my finger on, in just the same way that you cannot put your finger on the reflection in a puddle without causing a ripple that erases everything you see.

And I don’t mean to say it has been all bad, it has been a good year in many respects, but I just can’t seem to gain my footing, I can’t seem to get back to normal.

I think that some years are like that. Filled with questions and quandaries and dilemmas and decisions and injuries and healing. Clearly, this is one of those years.

And it’s okay. Time has a way of working all these things out.

So I’m going to sit here for a while, quiet, very still, with my hands in my pockets, and just stare at this reflection.

And when I’m ready, which will be sooner than later, I’m going to touch a fingertip, every so gently, to the surface.

Because normal is just a notion and there is life

happening all around me.

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